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Here is an example of what can be done.

Twenty years ago at New York University we began a program to teach medical students how to best use Twelve-Step programs for the addicted patients they will be treating. We soon realized that in order to get the broader medical community on board with this, we had to develop a strong research base to give credibility to our mission. We enlisted other doctors nationwide to carry this work out, and then to reach out widely with our findings through a number of national medical organizations. We also realized that we could carry out our research mission by collaborating with people in both AA and NA in doing our research, and began working with willing members.

We have recently shown how young people in AA become deeply committed to the recovery process, how doctors who are Twelve Step members have turned their lives around to benefit their own addicted patients, and how NA has served as a ladder out of addiction and post traumatic stress for ailing veterans. We are now beginning to use brain imaging to show how spirituality and prayer actually help people in Twelve Step recovery avoid relapse triggers and stay sober.


All this has allowed us to have a major impact on the medical profession and on doctors’ practices, and will also impact on the broader national community, validating the importance of Twelve-Step membership for those afflicted with the disease of addiction. If you click below, you can see the articles on of some of our recent research.

Abstinence in NA Young People in AA Physicians In Recovery Spirituality in Recovery Neuroscience Research

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