Science can show how twelve step spirituality supports addiction recovery. With your support we can continue this work for twelve step recovery.



Research helps to provide medical professionals with data that demonstrates the effectiveness of 12 step programs. We are considering 3 potential research projects to further this mission. They would show how 12 Step Recovery Programs:

(1) Employ prayer to stabilize abstinence,
(2) Are a healing resource for veterans with PTSD and addiction, and
(3) Can replace the addictive drugs some doctors use to treat addiction.

Prior to now the majority of the medical profession has not viewed 12 Step Recovery Programs as a viable option for their patients. Dr. Galanter’s research is of paramount importance. The culmination of this project will be published in reputable Medical Journals. With your support this research will awaken doctors to the value of referring patients to 12 Step Programs. Your dollars will help to ensure more people who need 12 step recovery will find the help they need instead of jails, institutions and death.

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Founded in 2004, The McShin Foundation is Virginia’s leading non-profit, full-service Recovery Community Organization (RCO), committed to serving individuals and families in their fight against Substance Use Disorders (SUDs).  While providing the tools for recovering individuals to create positive lifestyles, we aim to spread the word of recovery and educate families, communities, and government regarding SUDs as well as reduce the stigma attached to them.

The McShin Foundation is a great alternative for drug and alcohol treatment, drug and alcohol rehab, and drug and alcohol detox we continue to have the most affordable detox, recovery and sober living residences in the country, we are the Nation’s Leading Recovery Community Center.

This McShin Foundation website is being provided to you with our sincere hopes that you will want to help us to ensure that Dr Galanter’s recovery research work will continue and will help to make the world a better place by helping those who need 12 step recovery.   We would be happy to provide you with more information about who we are.  Please contact us!

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